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Something on Pattern Creation

Clarise Jewel

I'll be trying to blog more often and maybe include some free patterns and tips!

So currently I am working on a series of Tokidoki Characters in mini size. These mini sized ones would be less bulky and some of you may prefer them as fobs as compared to the regular sized ones. 

Mini Narwhal:

Mini Narwhal

Mini Mermicorno Cora:

Mini Mermicorno Sirena:

Mini Donutella:

Though it takes a shorter time to create a smaller doll, but if you're into amigurumi, you would also know that it get significantly more difficult to create a doll when it gets smaller.

Personally, I love making smaller dolls. They're cuter, and I get to see the completed product more quickly. However, it's more taxing on the eyes and hands as well. Come to my workshop and you will get to see my chipped fingernails and calluses on my fingers. Well, I'm not complaining and these are just part and parcel of pursuing a passion. 

I love Tokidoki designs and I'm glad fans are coming to me with requests for amigurumi creations of these dolls. I don't tell them this, but every new character that I make, I need to put in hours and hours to firstly create the pattern, secondly to make them as perfect as possible. Sometimes I get amused that people come to me and simply ask me to share the pattern with them. Well, some patterns can be shared for free, but some are really many hours of HARD WORK. If I can share for free I definitely would, and I am working towards that. 

About pattern creation, it's something that you can achieve by crocheting more I guess. I rarely purchase patterns unless it is something that is mindblowing or extremely lovely, or I am just lazy to figure out how to recreate. For eg. @littleaquagirl's Aurora Unicorn.

It was love at first sight for this unicorn. I really wanted to just try to figure out how to recreate it, but it was a request by a customer so I decided to purchase the pattern. After that I was in love with all her patterns and I bought another pattern from her but I have yet to crochet it as I am so swarmed with orders.

So my advice on pattern creation, try to create amigurumi without following any patterns. Just go with your heart and try it. You will need to know how to create the basic shapes like round, cylinder, cone etc. Just keep practicing and you can crochet any doll you want.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any requests on tips and any content that you wish to read about crochet and amigurumi, leave me a comment or email me at

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