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Crocodile Stitch Mermaid's Tail (Part 1)

Clarise Jewel

I'm getting a foot massage while typing this entry 😄

So recently I am working on a mermaid's tail for my daughter, Jewel. I had been thinking what to make for her for Christmas, these were my previous shortlist:

  • Giant donut cushion
  • Giant unicorn 
  • Giant Jewel Bunny

I had asked her a few times about her views on the above but her reaction were not convincing enough for me to start on anything. My final decision was actually giant donut and I had bought some chunky yarn. But due to my busy schedule I hadn't start on it.

And some nights ago I saw this

I am so sure Jewel will like this. I checked out @allaboutami's blogpost on this and it contains lots of helpful links and tips on how to complete this.

That night itself I started on it while the kids slept. I worked all the way til 2am. This crocodile stitch is rather tedious but, it's also rather addictive. You just want to keep going and see those stitches coming out! My first encounter with crocodile stitch was back in 2011, when I came across a tutorial on a crocodile stitch handbag. It was painful on the fingers working on those stitches! After so many years I think my grip has changed so it's not painful but I feel my neck and shoulders are very sore after working for a few hours. 

End of the first night, I made til row 18.

I had chosen the Child size and I realised it's rather small, even for Jewel who is 4 years old and she's very petite. I used Stylecraft Special Chunky and a 6mm hook (The original pattern calls for a 5mm hook with worsted yarn). So I'm rather surprised my work ended up smaller. At 15 rows it should be 11.5" but mine was about an inch shorter. The circumference seemed to be rather tight for Jewel to fit in too... so I decided I'll have to redo the next day, which I did. Stephanie (@allaboutami) already mentioned in her blogpost that the Child size is rather small and that she chose the Teen/Preteen size for her kids, so I only have myself to blame for not following her advice. 

I also added another color Cloud Blue and now I'm happier with the overall look, so it was worth redo-ing the whole thing. I chose Teen/Preteen size this time. I also consciously told myself to go easy with the tension, as I tend to tighten my stitches (too much Amigurumi?).

I am working on row 19 now and let's see if I can complete this in the next 2-3 days. Jewel can't wait she kept asking me "are you done with it? My legs are cold." 😂

Check out Stephanie's blog post on the mermaid's tail. There is also a link for a video tutorial (which I did not follow as I'm not good at following videos, I'm working using the pattern) in her blog post. 

And also here for the original pattern by Felene Grammer. 

Do share with me if you want to or is working on this lovely mermaid's tail! I would love to see everyone's choice of colors and progress. 


Yours Truly,








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