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Crocodile Stitch Mermaid's Tail (Part 2)

Clarise Jewel


This post will be about the completed Mermaid's Tail!

So I left off Part 1 with completed Row 19.

Here's how it looks like at Row 31. I let Jewel try it on (She was EXCITED) and it's actually perfect for her, but I thought I should add a few more rows so I don't have to keep adding rows later on as she grows. By the way she's very petite for a 4 year-old.

So I added another 5 rows to make it a total of 36 rows. And then it was time to make the tail-end. Time to decide on the color!  It was down to blue or pink for me, Jewel would definitely go for pink if I asked her, she wants pink everything. But I thought blue would be nicer so I went ahead!

If you have checked out the pattern by Felene Grammar, you would know that this tail-end is made up of two identical and reversible pieces. Here's a close up photo when its attached.

And let me show you how the mermaid's tail looks like at the back, there's a slit for easy wearing.

I'm so happy with the end result! The stitches are really nice to touch and run your fingers across. I could already imagine Jewel using this while lounging on the sofa during cold days.

And it's been rather cold these days. Jewel even managed to snuggle into the tail up to her shoulders.

This was taken yesterday morning when Cody woke up at 5am and he kept vomitting milk til 6am (His last milk feed at 11+pm the night before). He wanted to go into the living room and he continued to vomit on and off (lots of stomach acids and I knew something was wrong). He was extremely tired and he fell asleep on the sofa after I put him into the mermaid's tail. We went to the PD after sending Jewel to school. Turns out he had a bout of stomach virus and he continued to vomit til noon. My poor boy. 

That's all for the Crocodile's Stitch Mermaid's Tail!

Happy Crocheting!

Yours Truly,

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