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My Website, Reorganized.

Clarise Chan

I have finally reorganized my website!

you can view my work in categories now

I had been fully focused on the actual crocheting work, and neglecting my website for a long time. I haven’t been uploading my new works onto the website for a long time too.

The website should not just be a tool for new commissions to come in, but it could be a gallery for me to display and showcase my art. It could be a place for myself to view my own art pieces, and track my own growth and improvement over time.

indeed, as I was reorganizing and categorising my work, I realised how much my crocheting has changed over time (and photo taking skills too).

I have also finally set down to upload photos (near to 10K photos) of my work from phone to laptop, and there are so many of them, which I have not displayed on my website yet. 

i will be uploading new work onto my website this week, and I really want to invite all of you to be my visitors to my little gallery! And please don’t just visit once, visit daily, or weekly! I will try to add new work to it more frequently.

being organised is so important, not just in work but also in life and home. I’ve decided to be more organised from now on, particularly in my sleep time. I’ve been sleeping at 2am every night and I’m starting to feel it’s affecting my life and health. It’s 1.37am now and I better get sign off now.



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