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My new tokidoki-inspired doll- Donutella Popsicle!

Clarise Chan

My craft schedule was filled to past mid-July but thank God I managed to be ahead of schedule for almost 2 weeks! In fact I managed to squeeze in a handful of orders for my Timeless Florals collection which I launched recently.

Since I had some free time on hand before continuing to work on my custom orders, I decided to attempt something from this:

Photo credits to tokidoki

Its been a while since I worked anything new from tokidoki and this really caught my eye. It is so cute and the concept is pretty straightforward. I very much prefer to simplify my dolls, and usually go for the cuter and chibi versions of anything. 

This is my first attempt last night on the Donutella Popsicle:

I was pretty sad with this as I got the shape of the Popsicle totally wrong and also the face was too Low on the popsicle. But still, I shared this on my Instagram story since I spent so many hours on this 😄 I am so thankful that  my readers are so supportive, I received many private messages that they really like this even though I did mention that I’m not satisfied with it. 

Anyway I attempted again this evening and got this:

so much better and I love this myself! I think I got the colors right, the shape right and the position of the face right as well.

My daughter Jewel was asking me to crochet the unicorno one as well but that will be next week I guess. This coming week‘s schedule is pretty crazy with 13 dolls to craft. 

I hope you like my Donutella Popsicle! I’ll be listing it up for preorders soon, and also I’m thinking of sharing my basic Popsicle pattern so stay tuned!

Goodnight, stay safe. 

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