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Halloween Voodoo (boo!-doo) Bunnies: Cotton Candy

Dancing Jewel Box

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Halloween Voodoo (boo!-doo) Bunnies: Cotton Candy

Original design and pattern created by clarise

Handmade with love using 100% Premium acrylic yarn.  The Voodoo (Boo!-doo) Bunnies are a little spooky and overdosed with cuteness

Cotton Candy Voodoo Bunny feature sweet cotton candy colors, patch work ear details, stitched-up details, one button eye, needle-felted pink heart, matching Halloween-themed beads, charm and ribbon. Please note that the arms are intentionally made one longer than the other.

Cotton Candy Voodoo Bunny is about 4” in height. Entire drop length from top of the clasp is about 6.5”

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