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Setting up the website

Clarise Jewel

Finally, it's the day I worked on Dancing JewelBox'S website! It's LONG overdue. I've been wanting to do these many times and very long ago. 

Today I brought my kids to see my parents and in between taking a nap and helping to look after the kids (which usually my parents would be fussing over them and playing with them since they only meet once a week), I figured out how to choose a domain name, a template, add products, setup payment and so on.

I am not tech savvy so these took me the entire day. But I am glad I got it done! Now my customers can get all the information they need here and easier to purchase items they need. most importantly, so much more convenient when my crochet kits are finally launched this week!

It's dreams come true for me.

Firstly a crochet business that came about because a friend asked for a Minion in 2015, which become more than a hundred minions which I made for various people. Then it became hundreds of dolls made over a span of 2 years made for countless people.

Secondly, Amigurumi workshops that came about because a friend asked me to start a class in June 2017 as she's having school holidays (she's a teacher). 

Thirdly, finally about to come, Amigurumi Kits requested by countless people as they can't get enough of Amigurumi! 

I'm looking forward to much more and I know it's going to slowly unravel and happen. Thank you God, for opening doors for me and bringing  so many great people into my life. And I'll never be able to stop thanking my family for being so supportive, especially my husband and my mother-in-law. They're amazing. 

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  • Congratulations and remember you are making many people’s dreams come true ❤️

    Grace Lin

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